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Balance and well-being

Day of Mastery

Dr. John Demartini

March 6th, 2019 Belgrade

Dr. John Demartini, one of the world's most respected human behavior experts and leader in area of personal development, was invited by Slavica Squire the most experienced NLP trainer and coach in our region, to come in Belgrade for the first time and hold his famous lecture Day of Mastery.

During this exceptional program you can discover how you can improve your life in the following areas:

1. Personal Development

2. Improvement of your Business

3. Finance

4. Leadership

The "Day of Mastery" will help you to move up in all the areas of your life and manage them according to your own values, by balancing your private and business sphere, increasing your income, solving stress issues and living inspired and with purpose.

Dr. Demartini worked with the leaders and teams of the world's most successful companies (such as: Setpoint Group, Leverage Global, CIDA City Campus…) but he gained world fame by appearing in the popular documentary "Secret" where he was one of the speakers. Thanks to his great knowledge and experience in the field of human behavior, motivation and leadership, he is extremely popular speaker and lecturer, and holds his trainings for almost 300 days a year throughout the world.

Take the unique opportunity to learn from one of the best professionals today in field of personal development under special conditions: only for members of the Cotrugli Alumni club, investments for this education are 137 euros, instead of regular price of 169 euros.

Sign up at Slavice Squire website and state 'ALUMNI' in the text of your application to get your discount.


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