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How to realize myself as a POWER?

I was inspired by Srđan Tomašević announcement who said that there are givers and takers. Mike George is definitely a giver. As I could not agree more I decided to share with you his thoughts, interpreted by myself with all pros and cons we add and deduct when we interpret someone’s thoughts.

Mike started his lecture with the parallel between Empowerment and Camelot[1].

[1]According to the legend, King Arthur and his knits gathered around round table before the battle. All knights sitting around had the same voting rights. After the gathering, they would start their search for Holy Grail. Holy Grail can be found only by the knight with pure hart.

It is impossible to empower yourself because YOU are POWER. Conciseness is POWER.

To realize myself as POWER it is necessary to achieve 5 insights:

1. Life happens from INSIDE – OUT

One of the myths is that SOMEONE gives you POWER as YOU are the POWER.

When someone tells you: “I trust you”, he is only reminding you that YOU are trustworthy person.

It is the same with empowerment. It is not about the power, it is about what WE do with power.

Primary reality is inside us. By perception, we create reality.

2. Who am I

If we identify ourselves with outside things (e.g. salary), we become insecure as outside world is constantly changing. Changing outside world and our attachment to it is fear generator.

I am nothing else but what I am.

3. How do I work? How my conciseness work?

  • Mind

  • Intellect > all 3 are only apps of conciseness

  • Memory

Most of our habits are based on fear whereas different outside events trigger those fears.

4. Habit that distorts us

When we develop belief and attach ourselves to it, we move away from ourselves. When someone only mention to us a word, it triggers our habit that is related to that belief.

The example with the rat or Tramp :) :

When someone only mention the rat to us, it triggers the belief that rats are dangerous and we feel fear even there is no rat in the room. Our perception creates a thought, a thought creates an emotion and an emotion creates recording of the behavior that becomes habit.

5. Possibility to choose

We have the possibility to choose between the habit and our core self when reacting on some external event.

We are angry on someone when that person is not behaving as we would like him to behave. It is because of our belief that we are happy only when someone is doing what we want.

If someone is in danger, our normal reaction would be compassion. But we usually to not have compassion because that person did something bad to us. We have a belief that if someone did something bad to us, we should hate that person so we develop the habit of hate and resentment

Resentment is loss of power.

Hollywood and Bollywood are very successful in making us believe that our happiness is conditioned by others. When we realize that our happiness does not depend on others but only and exclusively on ourselves, we are FREE.

All this leads us to the conclusion that in the center is love, happiness, compassion. It is the answer on the question:Who am I?


1. How to change the habit?

I just need to be centered. Coming back to the center. Removing layers, drilling to center. Meditation is the method we can use to come back to the center. In the center, we feel happy, calm and powerful so we can destroy fears.

2. How to manage addictions (e.g. smoking)?

Smoking is giving us the feeling of calmness. When we want more calmness, we smoke more. It is wrong because we believe we can get calmness from outside and the only calmness is the one coming from inside.

It is the same with any other possessions. We do not have our possessions. Possessions have us. It is because we are afraid that to lose our possessions. If we are afraid, it is not us.

Powerful individual just happens. There is no force. We can force ourselves to be powerful.

Others do not empower us. It is about what we do with someone is saying.

3. What about people like Tony Robins who inspire 10.000 people in one moment?

There is a difference between being Impressed and being Inspired.

IMPRESS is when I press in your conciseness. You let me IN and make impression.

Do NOT be impressed by anyone because you are diminishing yourself. If you are impressed by someone, energy is suppressed.

INSPIRATION is using other person to realize breath. It makes you remember what you forgot. It is the same with the books. The book is just words on the page. You are the one who is giving the meaning. It is not the book giving the energy. It is YOU.

It also means that there are no energy vampires. It is us who send energy in wrong direction.

What does it mean when a leader empowers the team? It means that he or she is leaving the space for team members.

It is not our role to change someone. If we want to change someone, that person will feel that and build barriers. The point is to accept someone as he or she is.

4. Until now, we were exposed to human – human interactions. What will happen with the development of the artificial intelligence?

I cannot stop that development neither can you. I can only accept it and see how I can get most of it.

Cultivation of wisdom: be as intellectual as I can be.

Stop worrying about what will happen. It is only the habit. Habit of worrying.

We are learned to believe that attachments are natural. Do not be attached to anything and anyone.

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